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Lead Instructor
Matt | Level G4

Qualified to teach Kids & Adults

Matt is the Lead Instructor, Director and owner of Braveheart Krav Maga. Matt founded Braveheart in 2016 after many years as a Krav Maga student and started the club with a fundamental vision to teach realistic self-defence in a safe and welcoming environment to all students irrespective of age, sex, fitness or experience.

Matt gained his qualification in the Civilian Instructor Course (CIC) of the International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF) and also the Kids Instructor Course (KIC). With a strong affiliation to the IKMF, Braveheart has grown from strength to strength with 5 active instructors all of whom (including Matt), remain lifelong students of Krav Maga.

Matt will challenge you to find the inner strength you need to prevail in a self-defence situation.

Matt is available for private sessions, click here to BOOK NOW

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